About Us

ABOUT Arunodaya Foundation

The Organization:

Arunodaya FOUNDATION is a registered Charitable Trust (NGO) based in Hyderabad, Telangana under the AP Registrations Act, Sec 12(A) and Sec 80(G) under the Income Tax Act. We started Arunodaya Children's Home near Dilsukhnagar, Chaitanyapuri, Hyderabad.

We admit children falling into the following categories:

1) Children who have lost at least one parent
2) Children from poverty-stricken families
3) Children of families ravaged by HIV/AIDS

We currently have 45 childrens in the age group 5 to 15. In addition, we provide educational scholarships for 100 children from poverty-stricken families.


Schools can assume a critical part in enhancing the possibilities of vagrants and securing their future. The association trusts "a great school training can give youngsters a higher confidence, better employment prospects and financial freedom. And additionally lifting youngsters out of neediness, such an instruction can likewise give kids a superior comprehension of Human qualities and Social capably. 6 educators take classes to youngsters at focus,

Youngsters beneath fifth and underneath standard are permitted here to examine. Kids from High School are alluded to Govt School, where they can think about up to SSC. Under this program youngsters conceded at focus are offered school uniform, books, sacks and all required review material at free of cost.

Addressing passionate necessities:

Through offering these offices, association can meet the passionate needs of youngsters. Since, physical needs of vagrants, for example, sustenance and medicinal services, can frequently have all the earmarks of being the most critical. What's more, the enthusiastic needs of youngsters who have lost a parent ought not be overlooked.

Checking and Evaluation:

Once a youngster is conceded at focus they will be under the supervision of superintendent's and restorative and Nutrition perception by human services group. Every youngster will be kept up a different document with affirmation code. AWidow young lady tyke and dismissed kids additionally will be offered inclination to bring them on track. A five part survey board will assess the program sequentially and encourage the group to work all the more viably. Mr.Sathyanand is in control and he is in charge of the whole venture. The staff will work under his rules and control.

Vision & Mission

Arunodaya Foundation is a deliberate, non-benefit association is working for the advantage of wiped out and passing on dejected, rejected and undesirable elderly people, poorest of poor people, vagrants and deserted kids, rationally and physically impaired. Giving them protect, sustenance, training and medicinal help. Additionally offering advising to these families, the estimations of family on the off chance that they live in peace and solidarity. This Organization has been amassing in various fields like serving, instruction and wellbeing for the poorest of the forlorn and surrendered people in different ways.

This Organization has been working together with different offices, both administrative and non-legislative towards raising the poorest of the poor vagrant and surrendered youngsters, serving desperate and rejected, undesirable elderly people. Presently a-days its bolster base is developing from a nearby friend network and relatives, trusting that it might develop to the closures of the earth to serve the penniless people.