Sponsor a meal

Arunodaya Foundation is satisfied to offer another approach to bolster our work and give an exceptional blessing to respect a friend or family member or unique minute.

Many individuals support dinners in regard of the death of friends and family, to honor a family or unique birthday, as unique and uncommon wedding presents, or just to offer back to the group as a few organizations and associations meet up with their workers and do. There is no restriction to the events of giving the endowment of nourishment to the under-served youngsters.

While Sponsoring a Meal, the contributor contributes the assets to take care of the expense of the dinner being served on a given day. Givers have the alternative to choose the kind of dinner, veggie lover or non-vegan, and are welcome to come in and serve the feast on that exceptional day.

It's really a present for our visitors when individuals from the group offer to Sponsor a Meal. On the supported day, visitors are educated that the dinner is being supported and the purpose behind the sponsorship.

All unique Sponsored Meals accompanied a customized thank you letter as a keepsake to the event for which

  • 1 Time Breakfast = 2500
  • 1 Time Veg Meal = 4500
  • 1 Time Nonveg Meal = 5000
  • 1 Full Day Veg Meal = 9000
  • 1 Full Day Nonveg Meal = 10000

you are supporting your feast. (If you don't mind reach us for further points of interest on uncommon Sponsore Meal program)

On the off chance that you can't support a whole supper, which costs RM 400.00 (least bundle), any money related gift can be connected towards the dinner of the day. For instance, RM250.00 gift may pay for the breakfast or coffee break of the day. Each dollar makes a difference!!